Hiruneko books

The book about Turi Gramstad Oliver from our publishing house trykkSAK forlag is now available in Tokyo, Japan. Just across the street from Tokyo Bike Rentals in Yanaka you will find the cosy little bookshop Hiruneko books. We had a lovely meetup with the owner Takashi Kobari and also had a chance to give a short introduction to the book we designed for Solveig Landa´s project “To Fold A Vehicle – The Story of a Caravan” (now with English translations). Takashi showed us some of the children’s books he has worked with and Junko Aoki made sure nothing was lost in translation! The bookshop is worth a visit, since it also has its little gallery with japanese artists.

Arkivet som hukommelse

«Arkivet som hukommelse»

Utsmykning/VID spot på biblioteket til VID høgskole i Stavanger. I rørene kan man se hva som befinner seg i underetasjen, hos Misjonsmuseet, Stavangers eldste museumssamling.

«Man sier gjerne at arkiv er hukommelse. Hos VID er du velkommen til å lete etter stemmer som de fleste har glemt, og undersøke hvordan samtidens mennesker reflekterte rundt milepæler i vår historie. Men ikke glem at noen har valgt hva som skal huskes og at en sak alltid har flere sider


How does the map look like today?

“Psychogeography describes the effect of a geographical location on the emotions and behaviour of individuals”. The world map we designed for VID Specialized University, campus Stavanger, with all its whimsical layers, draws its inspiration from both Gall-Peters postcolonial projection and the Situationist International. As a students at VID you have the opportunity to take part in education courses and internships in many different places of the world.

OSS poster

Dear AI, please generate a background picture from the words OPEN STUDIOS STAVANGER SANDNES