Fonts in use

Definitely stoked and honoured to see the website and visual profile we did for Studio17 represented on the website FONTS IN USE. The article is contributed by type designer Frode Helland, co-founder of type foundry Monokrom. Also worth checking out: Monokrom.


Collage exhibition

Love this picture we took from our collage exhibition at Café Sting in Stavanger, years ago (!). Inception is the word that comes to mind. Where does things begin? Also a relevant theme to a project we are in the process of working on at the moment. Can´t wait to see where it will lead us!

Little red book

NTGent’s little red book, or «programmaboekje». Handy booklet we designed together with L8’s own homeboy @benjaminhick and the good folks @ntgent.

NTGent ad

We´re producing a lot of ads for theatre house NTGent these days. Just sent this off to be printed in Etcetera magazine The picture is of course by: Michiel DeVijver