Exhibition concept, Nordisk barnebok-konferanse (NBBK) + design of catalogue.

The theme for the conference was “Doom – or transition?”, based on the recent increase in dystopian literature for youth in the Nordic countries. The program discussed what this kind of literature says about our society, and how it affects young readers. The chosen theme also plays on the ongoing digitalization of literature and publishing, and its impact on the future of the book, the publishing industry and the libraries. This development is especially interesting in regards to children’s literature where images and interactivity often is a central part of the literarily experience.

Exhibition Graphic Design Identity

  • Art Direction: SAK design & Benjamin Hickethier
  • Graphic Design: SAK design & Benjamin Hickethier
  • Exhibition curator: Marte Moen Danielsen
  • Collaborators: Grafill Stavanger
  • Client: Sølvberget, Stavanger kulturhus