Magasinet Plot

Visual profile, art direction and various layout templates for Plot magazine, Norway.

Plot magazine is a Norwegian documentary magazine published six times a year. The first edition came out in April 2011. The magazine is doing investigative and narrative journalism. Plot´s approach to journalism has also been described as slow journalism, or as “journalistic storytelling”.

Magazine Plot has received good reviews both nationally and internationally, for journalistic quality, imagery and layout. The magazine has in two years established itself as an important supplement to traditional media channels in Norway, and has set the agenda for several of their cases. The most publicized and controversial cases in 2011 was a 30 pages long documentary about the Norwegian hacker community and the first exclusive interview with politician Trond Birkedal after he was caught filming young men in his shower.

The magazine has been in print with  texts by among others the SKUP winning journalists Thomas Ergo and Kjetil Stormark and writers Torgrim Eggen and Agnes Ravatn and images by award winning photographers Andrea Gjestvang and Eivind Natvig.

The photo documentary with images from Eivind H. Natvig in Plot No. 11 won a prestigious prize. The documentary follows vicar Anders Rosland on the northern Helgeland coast in Norway.

Book design Graphic Design Identity

  • Art Direction: SAK design
  • Graphic Design: SAK design
  • Photo editor: Marie von Krogh
  • Client: Dybdeforlaget